The US Agriculture Difference

US Agriculture believes its primary role is to provide Good Stewardship of our client’s investible agricultural assets. A Good Steward manages and cares for that valuable asset just as it were his own. US Agriculture takes great effort to ensure our client’s assets are managed to standards preserving and improving its productive value while leaving minimal environmental impact. Agriculture is the great gift entrusted to the human race to sustain life, we must take great strides to protect this gift.

Live & Breathe Agriculture

We are responsible stewards of the US agriculture focused on identifying and growing opportunities. Our future depends on the land and we are passionate about its advancement. Our ag-based expertise helps us find the best land for our clients to drive sustainable returns. Our extensive network within agriculture supports our clients’ goals and helps overcome agriculture challenges.

Disciplined Acquisition Process

We provide clients a research-based approach to the development of investment strategies and the construction of investment portfolios. We believe objective decision making through accurate and intense study optimizes our investment practice. Our extensive experience supports our investment foresight and helps us buy and manage agriculture precisely while mitigating risk. We have an detailed due diligence process that monitors potential risks for our clients.

Simple & Efficient Fee Structure

Our simple and efficient fee structure reflects our commitment to transparency and fairness. We believe that putting our clients’ interest first is critical in developing trust and aligning interests. We serve as fiduciary to stakeholders, clients, farmers, and the land. We focus on results – not just the numbers. We give our clients clear records that provide insights to properly understand, analyze, and evaluate all fees.

Proactive Management & Communication

Our strength lies in our openness as we are quick to respond to requests. We actively listen to our clients and tenants so we can respond attentively and maintain a clear understanding of our shared purpose. We embrace collaboration and candor to ensure active communication. We are always prepared to lead, react, and converse in a rapidly thriving marketplace.

Bringing Value to Farmland

Intelligent Pricing

Farm Management

Alternative Energy



Soil Health