The US Agriculture Difference

US Agriculture is a trusted partner to our clients and agricultural stakeholders. We manage each dollar and care for each asset as it were our own. US Agriculture’s disciplined approach ensures we purchase quality farmland and manage it in a sustainable manner. We are committed to a number of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives and take great pride in our role as financial and environmental stewards.


Our founders’ history in agriculture as well as our own backgrounds in agriculture give us a passion for what we do. Our extensive network and expertise within the industry allow us to identify attractive crop types and acquisition opportunities across the United States in our endless pursuit of stable income and sustainable returns.


We provide clients a research-based approach to the development of investment strategies and the construction of investment portfolios. We believe objective decision making through accurate and intense due diligence optimizes our investment capabilities. Our extensive experience allows us to acquire quality farmland while understanding and mitigating potential risks inherent in owning these assets.


Our simple and efficient fee structure reflects our commitment to transparency and fairness. We believe that putting our clients’ interest first is critical in developing trust and aligning interests. We serve as fiduciary to stakeholders, clients, farmers, and the land. We focus on results – not just the numbers. We give our clients clear records that provide insights to properly understand, analyze, and evaluate all fees.


Our strength lies in our willingness to provide honest and candid feedback to our stakeholders. We actively listen to our clients and farmers to better understand challenges and work toward a shared purpose. We embrace collaboration and act as a trusted resource for our clients and farmers.

Bringing Value to Farmland

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