Our Legacy

At US Agriculture,
We Live & Breathe American Agriculture

Founded in 2015 by the Hageman Group, US Agriculture’s team of investment professionals draws upon the extensive agricultural resources, knowledge, and heritage of the Hageman Group and Halderman Farm Management Service.

Our calling is to serve our clients, farmers, and communities. We are committed to helping our operators grow their businesses while providing our clients a financial benefit all while embracing sustainable practices in agriculture through our insights and solutions.

Our Agriculture Roots Run Deep: A Timeline


The Hageman family migrates from Europe and starts farming in rural Indiana


Halderman Farm Management Service is formed


Eugene Hageman plants his first field of hybrid seed corn


Hageman Realty is founded by Steve Hageman


Hageman Farms, Inc was formed to invest in agriculture and farming activities


Steve Hageman is a founding partner of Remington Hybrid Seed Co.


Halderman and Hageman co-brokered and jointly sold one of the state’s largest farms in NW Indiana.


Halderman Real Estate Services is formed


The Halderman family starts its first friends and family farmland fund


Howard Halderman and three other principals start Teays River Investments


Halderman Real Assets Management is formed as an institutional agriculture advisor


Halderman Real Asset Management becomes a registered investment advisor


Remington Seeds is sold to Teays River Investments


Hageman Group is formed to invest in real estate and agriculture related ventures


The Hageman Group starts US Agriculture to work with institutions interested in investing in US agriculture


US Agriculture and Halderman Real Asset Management merge

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to provide stable and sustainable agriculture investments for our clients. Our capabilities are anchored in a deep understanding of both agriculture and investing acquired through our backgrounds in farming and finance.

Investing In

A Better Future

Our firm is rooted in our sustainability efforts. We are agents of positive change for the communities we serve, for the environment we protect, and for the farmland portfolios we manage.

Our vision is to provide our clients a diversified portfolio of US agriculture properties that meets their financial expectations over the long-term. We aim to ease our clients’ complex financial challenges by providing honest advice, aligned fee structures, and value-add investment opportunities.

We enable our clients to make the most informed decisions with their capital.

We believe in streamlining the complex world of agriculture and investing by providing transparency in everything we do. We believe in instilling greater confidence by explaining and mitigating risks that are inherent in owning a real asset.

We deliver service centered around trust and mutual respect. We want our clients to benefit from our deep-rooted history in agriculture and investment expertise by feeling confident and secure about their capital allocation decisions.