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Friday, January 8, 2021
Source: The New York Times; [date]
There is a myth about water in the Western United States, which is that there is not enough of it. But those who deal closely with water will tell you this is false. There is plenty. It is just in the wrong places. Read More…
Source: UT News; December 31, 2020
Producing clean water at a lower cost could be on the horizon after researchers from The University of Texas at Austin and Penn State solved a complex problem that had baffled scientists for decades, until now. Read More…
Source: Mareket Watch; December 31, 2020
Iowa farmer says that without federal money it would have been difficult to make ends meet but that it began to feel as if the government checks were motivated by politics with President Trump seeking support in his re-election effort Read More…
Source: Silicon Valley; December 31, 2020
The Salinas Valley has long billed itself as the Salad Bowl of the World. Last year alone, Monterey County grew $1.4 billion worth of lettuce. But for years the valley, which grows the majority of the nation’s lettuce, has also increasingly been known for something else: dangerous contamination in its leafy greens — particularly romaine lettuce — and an apparent inability to solve the problem. Read More…
Source: Successful Farming; December 23, 2020
Row crop farmers would see payments of $20 an acre and livestock producers would be compensated for animals culled during the pandemic under the $900 billion coronavirus relief bill that was unexpectedly challenged by President Trump on Tuesday, a day after Congress passed it. The bill provides $13 billion for agriculture, to be distributed through initiatives that include a $400 million dairy donation program, aid to contract poultry growers, and assistance for textile mills and, potentially, ethanol refineries. Read More…
Source: The Wall Street Journal; December 23, 2020
U.S. farmers make their living raising crops from the soil each year. Now, some are getting paid for putting something back into their fields: carbon. Read More…
Source: CNBC; December 23, 2020
On Saturday, lab-grown chicken made by U.S. start-up Eat Just will make its historic debut at restaurant 1880 in Singapore, after the country’s food agency approved the sale of cultured meat. Read More…
Source: My Modern Met; December 17, 2020
The average person probably does not think twice when picking out-of-season produce all year round. Eating seasonally and locally are now personal preferences rather than realities of life. While convenient, the drawback is that non-locally grown produce has likely traveled thousands of miles to make it to your grocery store. Read More…
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Recorded, December 8, 2020; 3:00PM ET
Top soil, along with sunlight and water, is fundamental to agriculture. But, the United States Department of Agriculture estimates that we lose an average of 2.7 tons of top soil per acre to water erosion and 2.1 tons to wind erosion every year. How does this steady loss of valuable top soil change the way we look at farmland investments? Join us as our panelists discuss how we got here and how we deal with the issues facing us today.
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