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Friday, December 4, 2020
Source: Successful Farming; December 2, 2020
American farmers were dogged supporters of President Trump’s trade war with China, accepting as “patriot farmers” the pain of retaliatory tariffs in the belief Beijing would be forced to alter its trade practices. But they are becoming skeptical of victory: Only half of them believe the trade war will be resolved to their benefit and even fewer believe China will meet its “phase one” commitments negotiated with the Trump administration. Read More…
Source: Reuters; December 2, 2020
Joe Biden will not immediately cancel the trade agreement that President Donald Trump struck with China nor take steps to remove tariffs on Chinese exports, the New York Times on Wednesday quoted the U.S. president-elect as saying. Read More…
Source: Successful Farming; December 2, 2020
In a lawsuit accusing the Trump administration of trying to suppress wages, farmworker groups asked a federal judge to set aside a Labor Department rule for agricultural guestworkers that could cut their earnings by $170 million over a decade. The Labor Department rule, which indirectly affects wages for all farmworkers, is scheduled to take effect on December 21. Read More…
Source: Grist; November 27, 2020
Electric cars and renewable power plants tend to get all the attention when it comes to clean tech. But this harvest season, you might also spare a thought for those working just as hard in the food tech sector to build autonomous tractors, and weed-stomping robots designed to grow more food while using fewer resources. Read More…
Source: Wall Street Journal; November 20, 2020
In this skyscraper-studded nation of nearly six million people, all the farmland combined adds up to about 500 acres—an area roughly the size of a single American farm. Read More…
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Top soil, along with sunlight and water, is fundamental to agriculture. But, the United States Department of Agriculture estimates that we lose an average of 2.7 tons of top soil per acre to water erosion and 2.1 tons to wind erosion every year. How does this steady loss of valuable top soil change the way we look at farmland investments? Join us as our panelists discuss how we got here and how we deal with the issues facing us today.
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