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Friday, October 30, 2020
Source: National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries; October 26, 2020
The National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF) has released the third quarter 2020 results of the NCREIF Farmland Index. The total return for the third quarter was 0.96%, up from 0.61% the previous quarter, but down marginally from 0.97% in the third quarter of 2019. The quarterly total return was comprised of a 0.76% income return and appreciation of 0.21%. Read More…
Source: NPR; October 29, 2020
Some of the most popular products of biotechnology — corn and cotton plants that have been genetically modified to fend off insects — are no longer offering the same protection from those bugs. Scientists say that the problem results from farmers overusing the crops, and are pushing for new regulations. Read More…
Source: The Washington Post; October 28, 2020
The most sought-after at times have been as costly as precious metals. Their allures set world exploration in motion, fueled sailing expeditions around the Cape of Good Hope, precipitated the establishment of colonies. And now, more than 4,000 years after the initial fervor, we are living through a new spice boom. Read More…
Source: The New York Times; October 26, 2020
Even as businesses around the world shut down this spring, executives at EDF Renewables were hopeful they would finish installing 99 wind turbines in southern Nebraska before a year-end deadline. Then, in early April, the pandemic dealt a big blow to the company. Read More…
Source: Science Alert; October 25, 2020
Agricultural department workers wearing protective suits have eradicated the first nest of giant "murder hornets" discovered in the United States, vacuuming them out of a tree in Washington state. Read More…
Source: Des Moines Register; October 26, 2020
Iowa farmers are growing more organic corn, soybeans, hay and oats, driving a 30% spike in the state's organic acres over the past three years, a new U.S. Department of Agriculture report shows. Read More…
Source: National Geographic; October 14, 2020
Nearly all of the phosphorus that farmers use today—and that we consume in the food we eat—is mined from a few sources of phosphate rock, mainly in the United States, China, and Morocco. By some estimates, those could run out in as little as 50 to 100 years. Geologists know of other deposits, but they are harder to access and contain less phosphorus. Thus, the price will likely rise, making it harder for growers to afford fertilizer and for people to afford food. Read More…
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Thursday, November 19, 2020; 3:00PM ET | 2:00PM CT | 1:00PM MT | 12:00 noon PT
NCREIF invites you to join Anatole Pevnev - US Agriculture and Bruce Sherrick - University of Illinois for the Third Quarter 2020 NCREIF Farmland Index Results Webinar. Anatole and Bruce will be joined by Steve Bruere from Peoples Company to discuss the transactional markets in addition to current conditions affecting the performance of regional row crop and permanent crop markets.
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