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Friday, October 23, 2020
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City; October 22, 2020
A slower pace of farm financing activity continued in the third quarter. Amid ongoing weakness in the agricultural economy surrounding developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the total volume of non-real estate farm loans remained subdued. Loans for operating expenses increased from last year but were less than the last three years, and the number of new loans originated to farmers declined for nearly all loan types. Read More…
Source: Marketplace; October 20, 2020
Climate change has become more and more real for Americans over the past few decades. Sea level rise has been a problem on the East Coast, wildfires have been getting more intense on the West Coast. And weather in the Midwest and South has been getting more extreme. This has major implications for American agriculture. Read More…
Source: The Washington Post; October 19, 2020
This spring, turkey farmers around the country had to roll the dice, take a guess: What would pandemic Thanksgiving look like? Would the holiday be canceled entirely, or would it be the Norman Rockwell grandpa carving en masque? Read More…
Source: Ag Web; October 19, 2020
This year has thrown a curveball at the traditional farmland market with trade disputes and the economic downturn putting downward pressure on values. At the same time, coronavirus restrictions and uncertainty have left the marketplace with much less land for sale. Read More…
Source: The New York Times; October 19, 2020
Each spring, a thousand or more Mexican tomato pickers descend on Virginia’s Eastern Shore to toil in the fields of Lipman Family Farms, enduring long hours stooped over to pluck the plump fruit and then hoisting it on their shoulders onto a waiting truck. An adept worker will fill a 32-pound bucket every two and a half minutes, earning 65 cents for each one. Read More…
Source: RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness; October 14, 2020
As blueberry producers face more competition, consumers are demanding a higher quality product. Rabobank analysts Roland Fumasi and David Magaña discuss market conditions in this episode. Read More…
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Recorded: Wednesday, October 21, 2020
How have the events of the last six-months altered the investment landscape?
Please join us and our panel of respected economists for a discussion of the impact of COVID-19 on farmland investment in the United States.
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