Company Background

US Agriculture draws upon the experience, knowledge, and relationships of two families that have been an important part of agriculture in the United States for more than a century.

Hageman Family

Since Julius Hageman first arrived in the United States in 1915, the Hageman family has been a vital part of American agriculture. Over the last century, the Hageman family has grown its farm operations from a single eighty acre parcel in Remington, Indiana to more than twenty thousand acres of cropland across the states of Indiana and Texas.

Passionately focused on agriculture, the Hageman family has continued to grow its farming operations while expanding into complementary businesses that drew upon hard earned experience, trusted relationships, and a deep and abiding respect for both its customers and its employees.

Remington Seeds

Co-founded by Steve Hageman in 1984, Remington Seeds, over the course of three decades, grew to become one of the nation’s largest and most well-respected producers and distributors of seed corn and seed soybean, employing over 500 full-time and 2,000 seasonal employees at 26 locations in 8 states. In 2013 Mr. Hageman sold his interest in Remington Seeds to an institutional investor focused on agricultural operating assets.

RPM Machinery

In 2013, Hageman Group acquired a majority interest in RPM Machinery, an agricultural and construction equipment dealership, with 5 locations in the states of Indiana and Michigan. RPM Machinery is an authorized Case Construction Equipment dealership as well as being an authorized Case IH Agricultural Equipment dealership in Michigan.

Halderman Family

From the moment that Howard H. Halderman and Marie Halderman launched Halderman Farm Management Service in 1930, the Halderman family has been an integral part of the business of agriculture throughout America’s heartland. Their presence has only grown and expanded with time.

Halderman Farm Management Service

Founded in 1930, by Howard and Marie Halderman, Halderman Farm Management Service provides complete or partial management services to over 650 farms, with a market value in excess of $1.5 billion. From its original home in Wabash, Indiana, Halderman Farm Management Service expanded to include operations across the states of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas, and North Carolina.

Halderman Real Asset Management

In 2010 Halderman Farm Management Service expanded into the farmland asset management business, leading to the formation of Halderman Real Asset Management in 2013. Halderman Real Asset Management is a Registered Investment Adviser, managing farmland portfolios for several institutional investors. In 2016, Halderman Real Asset Management merged operations with US Agriculture.

Halderman Real Estate Services

Rounding out the services offered by Halderman Farm Management Service, Halderman Real Estate Services, providing farm brokerage and appraisal services throughout the Midwest, was launched in 1990.